A new play in the Chinese Puppet Theater, the cartoon stage play Black Cat Adventure will premiere

A new play in the Chinese Puppet Theater, the cartoon stage play “Black Cat Adventure” will premiere
Sauna Night News (Reporter Liu Zhen) The latest cartoon stage drama “Black Cat Adventure” created by China Puppet Theater is about to perform for the first time in the Grand Theater on November 24th.The play is directed by national first-level director Shi Xuehai, and the theater’s professional art creation team and performance team work together to complete.The new cartoon image “Black Cat Little D” is innocent and lively, full of personality.The novel and interesting stories and lively and fun interaction will bring the audience into the forest kingdom and experience the adventure together.The childlike metaphor subtly transmits the excellent qualities needed for growth: wisdom, cooperation, humility, courage and love.The black cat Xiao D was a timid child until one day his mother accidentally fell into the lion’s mouth and was bitten by the lion king.Facing the injured mother, Xiao D decided to take the risk and took the lion’s mane to heal his mother. Since then, he has embarked on an adventure of fighting with the lion king.The forest partners all came forward to help the black cat D.The Bisons took the lead in playing, set the Buffalo formations, and set traps to help the Black Cat D get the top spot.Subsequently, the black cat little D disguised as a deer to dance to the lion king, the lion king quickly suspicious of the funny “little black deer” in the deer group and tried all kinds of things, unexpectedly, the black cat little D was actuallyThe drunk lion recognized him as a younger brother, so he easily got two pairs of mane.Soon, the black cat D used the lion’s hydrophobia combined with the snub-nosed monkey to take a pinch of mane.The winning black cat D, who was victorious again and again, became arrogant and showed off his ability everywhere, making him very dissatisfied with the friends who had helped him.When the black cat D was one step away from success, the lion, who had learned many lessons, took the black cat D by using a bitter plan.In order to punish the black cat, and even more part of the heavy tree’s own forest overlord, the lion king put the black cat small D into the cage and officially announced that the dawn of the next day will be the death period of the black cat.The black cat D, who was isolated and helpless, deeply regretted his arrogance and realized his mistakes.After several setbacks, the black cat finally broke away from the lion’s mouth.With the efforts of the forest buddies, the lion has also received due punishment and lessons. The black cat has successfully rescued his mother and has grown into a courageous and heroic little hero.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Xu Meilin proofreading Wei Zhuo