Havana flip-flops are Brazil’s national shoes most like locals_1

“Havana” flip-flops are Brazil’s “national shoes” most like locals
Minnan News July 4 hearing the word “Havana” for the first time, I think it is the capital of Cuba, but I did not expect this to be a Brazilian brand flip flop.Walking on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, what kind of dress will make you most like a local?You most need a pair of “national shoes”-“Havana” flip flops.”Havana” can be seen everywhere in the competition of Chinese slippers in Brazil, but people’s shoes are sturdy and bright “Havana” flip-flops are locally produced slippers in Brazil, using natural rubber, smells no smell.In places where “Havana” is sold, you can hardly see monochrome slippers, such as black, white, and brown monochrome slippers.Brazilians who like rich colors will not accept a pair of dull slippers.”Havana” has no outer packaging, is tied up with plastic rope, hung on the shelf, and picked it away.  Speaking of the history of “Havana”, it is said that it can be traced back to 1907. At first, the slippers produced by the manufacturer were specially worn by coffee collectors.In the 1960s, slippers were influenced by Japanese flip-flops and changed their shape to what they are today.Now the manufacturer can sell 100 million pairs of slippers every year.On the streets of Rio, Havana is like a street noodle shop in Fujian. It is everywhere.  On the streets of Brazil, the cheapest pair of Havana costs 15 reais (about 41 yuan), most of which are between 30 reais and 50 reais (about 82?Between 137 yuan).For Brazilians, this is a meal.China’s slippers have also entered Brazil, which is higher than “Havana”.  Fujian businessmen told reporters, “Our sandals range from R$ 10 to R$ 15, and the price is much cheaper than Havana, but Brazilians don’t like it very much.Later we went to buy their slippers and felt that they were stronger and the colors were brighter.Later, we did not go into these sandals.”There have been reports that “Havana” is now also sold in China, with a pair amounting to 200 yuan.Dutch models can’t buy Spanish models and can’t sell “Havana” is not “Octopus Paul”, but it can reflect the number of fans.”Havana” launched the top 32 shoes this time. According to a store clerk in a store, the best sales are the United States team slippers, which is related to the number of fans, but after the United States team out, their slippersLike the fans disappeared in the streets of Rio.England, Italy, and Spain have won three championships, and the flip-flop has dropped from 35 reais to 28 reais. However, no one is interested in the Spanish team’s slippers.  Before the start of the World Cup, distributors deliberately raised the tibia of the “Havana” slippers. A pair of parts was around 40 reals. They wanted to earn money from European and American giants. They also predicted the number of fans.The Dutch slippers have long been out of stock because there are too many fans in the Netherlands.”The Dutch team’s previous station was right next to Ibanema Beach, and their fans came to buy shoes very early.Now even our online store can’t buy the Dutch team’s slippers.There are no pairs in all of Rio. You can only look outside Rio.”The celebrities in the apartment are mostly in Rio. The reporter lives in a dormitory next to Rio Copacabana Beach. The environment here is hard to compare with domestic apartments. The reporter has slept here on a sofa bed for more than ten days.Unexpectedly, the peers who are suffering in the same building as the reporter are tall enough, and two of them are particularly famous.One is Lu Xiao, a Jiangsu reporter fighting a local thief in Manaus, and the other is Huang Zhongqing, a Guangxi reporter who has guessed 11 consecutive World Cup matches.  Lu Xiao was the most seriously injured Chinese journalist who participated in the World Cup in Brazil.On the afternoon of June 30, Brazilian time, he was robbed in the downtown area of Manaus.The suspect is a man about 40 years old.Travel agencies have reminded before, do not resist after being robbed, safety first.But Lu Xiao joined the chase and was pushed to the ground by the suspect, with scapular fractures around his shoulder blades.  Yesterday, he received preliminary treatment in Rio. The doctor changed a senior bandage and prescribed painkillers.Most of the media colleagues in Rio came to visit Lao Lu. A brother in Qingdao also boiled a pot of braised pork for Lao Lu to make him fit.Lao Lu will return to China on July 6 to further study the surgical plan.He also used his experience to warn reporters ahead, keep an eye on things, and be careful of his mobile phone and camera.  Huang Zhongqing nickname “Uncle Zhong”, he was born in the 1960s.After coming to Brazil, his main task ahead was to write forwards, which would provide reference for fans to buy competitive lottery.Since June 19th, his recommendation has not been missed. He recommends 11 games. It is completely correct. There is only one national media.Their newspaper predicted that his forward recommendation was mentioned on the first page of the special issue.  He told reporters that he himself had never bought a lottery in these decades.”I will collect historical data from some bookmakers.Since the recommendation was made two days in advance, my message is not up-to-date, and I was surprised to see that I could guess 11 consecutive games.After I guessed 8 games in a row, there were people who deliberately guessed in the opposite direction to see when I missed.In fact, prior to this, “Uncle Zhong” had guessed the winning result of 14 games of the Football Lottery four times, and it was already “old rivers and lakes”.(Shi Leilei, correspondent, Shi Leilei)