CBA All-Star Game-South 142: 125 victory over North Beasley scored 59 points to win MVP_1

CBA All-Star Game-South 142: 125 victory over North Beasley scored 59 points to win MVP
Minnan News January 19 142:125, the Southern Star team defeated the Northern Star team last night and won the 2015 All-Star Game.Shanghai foreign aid Beasley made 27 of 37 shots, grabbed 59 points, 11 rebounds and 5 assists, breaking the scoring record of the All-Star Game and getting MVP without suspense.比斯利上篮对手不设防 比斯利不断刷分  作为2008年的NBA选秀榜眼,比斯利的才华毋庸置疑,而且1989年1月9日出生的他,刚刚才度过了自己的26岁生日.Only after joining the Shanghai team this season, the team’s record has been twists and turns, the start of the losing streak, and then a strong rebound, but due to the recent ups and downs of the record, the Shanghai team lost the qualification to enter the playoffs and cannot help the Shanghai team to achieve better results.Then release as much as possible in the All-Star Game, so yesterday, Beasley did his best to show all the 18 martial arts, the dunk after the breakthrough, the outside hurricane three points. only the first half of the game,He personally has 25 credits.In the second half, Beasley couldn’t stop it, and it felt so hot.Of course, from another perspective, the All-Star is almost undefended, and also allowed Beasley to continue to score points, and finally got a record 59 points and got the MVP.Zhao Tailong grabs the shot Wang Zhelin’s hard work    This all-star weekend, Fujian player Zhao Tailong became one of the most watched players.He is the judge of the All-Star Slam Dunk Contest and the first judge among the active players in China.He worked as an assistant for the slam dunk contestant Chang Lin, but he was trampled by Chang Lin’s hairstyle.In the All-Star Weekend race, as the southern team’s starter, he completed a split dunk, which was his first dunk in nearly three months.After the game, Zhao Tailong told reporters: Because of the All-Star weekend, I rested for several days.I was very relaxed and there was no discomfort in my waist when dunking.In the next league, my status should be better.As for Chang Lin, he stepped on my hair style, maybe he was too nervous, he didn’t realize he stepped on me.  Fujian player Wang Zhelin, as a substitute for the Southern Division in the All-Star weekend, is playing time as much as Zhao Tailong. He spends most of his time running back and running and rebounding, with few offensive performances.(Reporter Shi Leilei)