CBA’s 20 years of magical data, Dolby scored 75 points, Fujian and Zhejiang 5 overtime _1

CBA’s magical data for 20 years, Dolby scored 75 points, Fujian and Zhejiang 5 overtime
Minnan News October 29 CBA has gone through 20 years.In the past 20 years, many magical data have also been born.杜比75分  2012-2013赛季,在与山西队的比赛中,浙江队外援昆西·杜比仅出场36分钟,便高效地砍下75分,一举打破CBA联赛长达18年的单场得分Record.Dolby, who scored 75 points, also appeared on the front page of “People’s Daily”, which became the most glorious moment of his career.Battle 8000+4000+1600   If Battle is the most versatile center in CBA history, I am afraid no one will object.In CBA history, Battle is the only player to score more than 8000, rebound more than 4000, and assist more than 1600.Although he has not been able to win the CBA championship, the data created by Battle is difficult for future generations to surpass.Yao Ming made all 21 shots. In the 2001-2002 season, in the first game of the CBA Finals, Yao Ming made all 21 shots at home on August 1 and scored 49 points.It’s a pity that Yao Ming’s horrific performance still failed to get a victory at home on August 1.Zhejiang, Fujian 5 Overtime    2013-2014 season, the home game of Fujian and Zhejiang Chouzhou set a number of records.The Fujian team became the team with the most points in a single game with 178 points. The addition of 355 points between the two teams is the highest total score in a single game. Five overtime and more than 3 hours of game time set the longest record in a single game.Shanxi’s 51-game losing streak    The longest consecutive losing streak in the history of CBA reached 51 games, a full 801 days.This losing streak team is the Shanxi team. Since they joined the CBA, all 69 away games won only one game.Bayi was undefeated in 65 consecutive games. Before losing to Shanghai led by Yao Ming in the 2002 Finals, Bayi maintained 65 undefeated home games.Shanghai eventually defeated Bayi with a total score of 3-1, winning the CBA championship for the first time.