Directional RRR cuts analysis of the stock market and property market blowing warmth: to prevent speculation in various places

Directional RRR cuts analysis of the stock market and property market “blowing warmth”: to prevent speculation in various places
The RRR cut will also help boost confidence in the stock and property markets.China Merchants Fund said that this targeted RRR cut has released a greater signal of counter-cyclical adjustment intensity. Before the two sessions of this year, the market’s expectations for stimulus policies are still good, and it is also constantly protecting the market, thereby boosting market confidence.In terms of the impact on the property market, Yan Yuejin, director of the Shanghai Yiju Real Estate Research Institute, said that the previous monetary policy adjustments have had a large number of positive effects on the property market.First, the liquidity of commercial banks has increased, and the overall pace of subsequent lending will be accelerated, and the related loan business can also be well supported.The second is that the cost of related loans will be further reduced. The follow-up will have a positive effect on the reduction of loan interest rates for housing companies and buyers, and further activate the real estate development and housing sales markets.However, he also reminded that the recent housing transaction market is better than expected. It is necessary to prevent speculations such as speculation and lowering of standards in various agencies, especially intermediary agencies, to prevent various types of housing sales from arbitrarily increasing prices, and further promote the supplement of housing and housing speculation.